Overlooking the Arabian Sea in Mumbai, India, Mariko Communications is an international communications agency specializing in strategic growth for lifestyle, entertainment media and tech brands. With a global team of experts, we find the connection between data, corporate responsibility, storytelling and engaging communities to deliver brand recognition and measurable growth.


Mariko Amekodommo
Mariko AmekodommoFounder | CEO
Mariko is an International Communications advisor; uncovering unique opportunities for foreign businesses entering US markets, and US companies expanding into Asia. Over the last 15 years, Mariko has founded marketing agencies in Los Angeles and India, was a lifestyle TV host and celebrity chef, and executed growth strategies for tech startups in Vietnam, US, China and India. After receiving her MBA in Marketing, she continued on to her PhD in International Corporate Finance, giving her unique insights for building strategic marketing and growth plans.
Venk Modur
Venk Modur Co-Founder | Media + Partnerships
Combining 15 years experience in entertainment industry as a producer and fashion stylist. Venk is recognized for connecting celebrities and media to promote sustainable fashion brands.

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